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Top Organizations for Low Income Families


Being in the low-income sector of America isn’t always easy. However, there are organizations who are willing to help families in need. It’s not always easy and sometimes getting help is the only way to get back on your feet. Here are some of the top organizations in the nation who help low-income individuals.

Low Income Organizations for Students

Families struggling with low income may find it difficult to push their kids through school. This is especially true during college, where everything needs to be paid out of pocket. Though there are programs like FASFA, which help low-income students get loans, it can still be difficult on the family, financially.

Organizations like MDRC help provide financial aid for low-income students. They distribute the aid on a fixed basis – traditionally weekly or bi-weekly. They have a counselor who works with each student to help set up a balanced work-school-life during college. This way they don’t have to overwork themselves and negatively impact their academic future.

EdTrust, QuestBridge, and EOS are other organizations who help low-income students.

Low-Income Organizations for Health and Lice

Low-income families don’t always have access to the same healthcare services that the middle-class, new money, and upper class do. However, there are several agencies and organizations who help those in the working-class and lower.

Community Health Councils is a US advocacy agency that dedicates its mission to help the low-income families in America get health care. However, there are many different local agencies in each state who may be able to provide more relief for your family. Lice problems can easily be handled by a San Diego local lice removal specialist, who usually provide it for a very low price.

Low-Income Organizations for Single Parents

Being a single parent is difficult. Certain organizations you come across may only cater to single mothers. So, if you’re a single father, you’ll have to go through the fine print to see if the company helps men as well as women.

Companies like One Harvest and Feeding America help provide pre-packaged foods to families on an weekly or monthly basis. During tough times, there are organizations for single parents out there.

Low-Income Organizations for Housing

Low-income families may find themselves struggling to stay in a place due to the outrageous prices of rent and utilities. Plus, if you have below-average credit, you may not even be able to find housing in a safe environment for you and your kids.

Organizations like the National Low Income Housing Coalition help fight for low-income housing properties. These properties cater to families and individuals who don’t make enough money to sustain a place elsewhere. It’s a great way for families to live since most are being monitored and patrolled more.

Low-Income Organizations for Bills

If you’re struggling to maintain your bills and need some support, agencies and organizations like Free Financial Help and government programs like the Affordable Care Act are available. These organizations help provide relief to low-income families who have fallen behind due to hard times.

There are Hundreds of Low-Income Organizations

Between organizations, agencies, charities and programs, low-income families can find relief and help easily. Consider your local organizations as well, since they may be able to provide quicker relief than national organizations. This is mainly due to the size of the organization and the number of applications they receive. Consider these things when applying for help. The more well-known the organization, the longer the waiting period.

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