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Our Finances

Our Financial Issues


When we wedded, we didn’t think that we would make such a change in life as we have done today. During the time we were newly wedded, we didn’t know how to leverage the freedom and power which money brings with the trust and security it is meant to foster in our lives. However, today we work as a team and handle financial issues together including retirement, college for kids, vacation, home loan,  and day-to-day budgeting.  Here are however, some of the common financial issues we encounter in our marriage.

Not agreeing on our priorities
Sometimes, we don’t seem to be walking the same path when it comes to setting our financial priorities right. My husband may say that he wants us to buy more groceries to take us through the month but I argue that when we have plenty at home, we may end up wasting it. Personally, I don’t like seeing food going into the trash.  I tend to disagree with my husband and only feel that it is right we buy only what we can use in the short term, but set money aside for the forthcoming purchases.

Issue of having a joint and separate account
My husband doesn’t want us to have a joint account because he thinks that I will take control of his finances. However, since we are a family working towards a common goal, I don’t feel anything wrong with that. Only recently, did he propose to me that he wanted me to have a separate account. This is indeed positive thinking considering that when I have an account, I could be putting my household savings into that account. It can help us in future,

What to spend on entertainment
I do understand that we need to make our kids happy. However, this does not mean that we should go for expensive trips and vacations. Often, I have argued with my husband about taking expensive trips. It costs us more and we cannot take it anymore. It is going to ruin our finances and make the financial future unsecure. Luckily, my husband seems to understand my argument and has been, of late, supporting me and agreeing to spend less. We now go for picnics and frugal living is bringing a new financial face in our home.

I know that we cannot live without financial problems but if we watch our spending and lead a frugal lifestyle, we can make it and secure our financial future. We however have to speak the same language on finances.

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Julie Murphy