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Our Desperate Attempt To Get Out Of Debt


When you are in debt, you may think that you will never make ends meet. The more you think about it, it feels like the more you are attracting debt. Thinking about debts brings thoughts of poverty, despair, and feeling of being overwhelmed. Here are practical ways that can allow you to come out of debt and focus on building wealth.

Set up a budget to work with
Establishing a budget provides you with a tool to guide you in clearing your debt. You can see which things you can cut on cost in your monthly budget to put that money towards servicing the debt. Scaling back on spending is the ultimate way to paying off debts.

Pay bills willingly and on time
You have bills you pay every month. You may have fines and fees that you have to pay. Ensure you pay them without feeling pain. Any time you don’t pay bills, you are further stretching the burden on you.

Start by paying most expensive debts
Take all interest rates on credit card debts and sort them out starting with the highest to the lowest. When you pay off a loan balance that attracts the highest rate, you are stepping up the payment on credit card by a larger percentage while at the same time, paying minimum amount on the remaining debts.

Pay more than what is indicated as minimum balance
When you pay more than the minimum balance, you shorten a debt payoff strategy. You can do this by making weekly rather than monthly payment. In case, you have a minimum of $150, you may consider doubling that amount.

Stop credit card spending
You may not be able to completely stop using your credit card, however; you can slow down on spending with this tool by removing it from your wallet. Leave it at home when you go shopping. You may think that you will lose the benefit of using credit card such as cash back perks, however; you are avoiding accumulating more debt.
Think of balance transfer as an option
You may want to move the credit card debts to the one which offers something like zero interest on balance transfer. However, you need to be certain that you can pay off the debt before the duration of the offer expires. Otherwise, you may be hit hard with very high interest rates after the expiry period.

Delete your card details from online stores
It is likely that if you tend to shop at one retailer store, you have stored your card information there. This allows the checkout process to be easier. On the other hand, it makes it easy for you to charge items that you may not need. When you clear that information, you make it difficult to charge items that you don’t need.

Sell unwanted household items and gifts
You probably have items and gifts lying in your house. These are things you don’t need and are only filling up your closet, drawers, safes, and home space. There are online marketplaces where you can sell those unwanted items. You will declutter your home while also raising some money to pay off debts.

Use work bonus to pay off debts
When you get bonus in times of holidays from your employer, don’t think about fancy shopping experiences. It may be tempting to go shopping because most of these bonuses happen around the holiday season. However, you have to think wisely and keep the goal of clearing your debts alive. Use those bonuses to pay for the debts.

Reward yourself for making a milestone
When you set a target and achieve it in a specific time frame, reward yourself for the progress you are making in paying off a debt. This keeps you motivated to clear your debt.

Using these strategies can allow you to get out debt and start establishing financial freedom where you are able to build wealth.

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