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How We Survived Making $10,000 a Year


Surviving on something less or equivalent to $10,000 a year may seem a tall order, however, when you reorganize yourself, review your spending activity and habits, you can tailor your life so that you live on that little amount. It may not be an easy thing for you, but you could still survive and make things happen. Here are ways I survived on under $10,000 a year.

Living in an RV
You may think that those people living in RVs are enjoying and expressing their lifestyle. While that may be true, on the flip side, some have taken it to ease their spending. At some point, when I was paying for rent and fueling my car, I opted for an RV so that I would make things easier for me. Instead of moving into a smaller apartment where I would save on rent, I acquired an RV. This meant that I was free from paying rent while at the same time I owned a car.

Bought my house using cash
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most people are spending their lives paying for mortgages they took. Making a house payment every month may seem a great deal now that you have owned a house much earlier than you could have, however; it becomes a burden for the better part of your life. You live your entire life settling off the house.

What you may not know is that you could easily live on $10,000 a year if it were not for that house payment you are making every month. Should you have paid off your house completely, then you could have more discretionary income. While many people cannot afford to purchase a home in cash, it is mostly because they want to own a specific house that is probably out of their current net worth. It is possible that if one is willing to be flexible, they can find themselves a house that is within their price range and can afford to pay for it in cash. This is one way I managed to survive with a little amount.

Became a volunteer worker
When you volunteer to offer social services to the community, it is most likely the organization that has hired you as a volunteer worker will cover your living expenses. I took volunteer work and my accommodation was covered and got stipend for food. In case, you love this kind of work, you may find that you enjoy life and survive well on under $10,000 a year.

Sometimes, people work so hard and put pressure on themselves in order to make money and spend in unnecessary ways. People work long hours so that they get pay raises. People are awake late at night because they hardly can sleep, as they think about money. Everyone is thinking how they are going to max out their credit cards so that they can take that dream vacation.

While it’s not easy, it is doable to survive on this little amount of money and be happy. It may be easier for you to live a long happy laugh dealing with less stress than to keep up the pace you’re on.

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