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How Meal Preparing Cut My Grocery Costs in Half


When it comes to the family budget, the most costly item on there can be your grocery bill. Next to your house payment, groceries can really rack up the costs. When you’re looking for ways to cut your grocery bill, you can start by learning how meal preparing cut mine in half. Take a look at these tips I’m sharing to help you make the most of your meals at home and how I cut my grocery bill down immensely.

I Made a Plan
When it comes to preparing your meals, the first step is menu planning. By planning my menus for the week, I’d have everything I needed to cook those meals all on my list. I would buy only the items that I needed for the menu that week and that helps to cut costs down. By planning ahead of time, you can cut out the forgotten ingredient trips to the store each week that can really add up.

Buy Only The List
I made sure that what was in the grocery cart was only the items I had on the list. Stop yourself from impulse buying as that can cause your grocery bill to shoot up tremendously. Be sure you have planned your menu and then head to the store with your list for a once a week shopping trip.

Cut Out Processed Foods
By preparing our meals at home, I would cut out a lot of the processed foods that I used to buy. Not only is it healthier for your waistline, it’s healthier for your bottom line when it comes to your bill. Buy only the fresh items and create your dishes at home. This not only helps you to eat better but also cut that grocery bill down by not buying convenience. You truly can make everything you see in a box at home with fresh, natural ingredients. It will taste so much better too!

Cut Out the Dinners Out
By preparing my meals at home, I cut out the last minute drive-thru runs. You can use your crockpot at home when you’re having a busy day and dinner will be ready when you arrive. It’s very simple to prepare a good, home cooked meal with this invaluable tool in your kitchen. If you do not own a crockpot, it’s time you went out and invested in one. This important tool in your kitchen will honestly make life much easier in the long run for you.

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