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Different Types of Music for Different Moods


Whether it is for work, relaxation, or dance, music can be a great way of helping you get the most out of any activity. Even if you are in a bad mood, you’d be pleased to learn that music is perhaps the best tool to improve your day. Music taps into the brain, and is used by experts to treat depression and anxiety in patients. This is key to choosing which music is best for a given activity because different rhythms and pitches of music are managed in different areas of the brain that are used to deal with certain emotions and moods.

Without going too far into the science, we’ve made a list of the best type music for different types of activities:

Motivation – Positive music is great for motivation. Motivational energy can be crucial in achieving a good workout, or starting the day with a rush of energy. Rather than picking a specific genre, go for songs with a positive, uplifting message. Whether it is “We Are the Champions” by Queen or “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye West, an inspirational message that you can sing or rap along to can give you the euphoria necessary to push through.

When it comes to instrumentals, genre becomes more important than the lyrics of a song. Take for example the beat of a hip hop or rap song, when the beat drops, the words become irrelevant when it comes to psyching yourself up before hitting the gym.

Reducing stress – Music fights stress in ways you may not have thought possible. Studies even show that smooth jazz, or classical music can reduce tension in muscles, as well as regulate your breathing. The psychological impact of soothing music can help eliminate that on-the-job anxiety or help you recover from a hectic day of errands.

Dancing – No matter the era, certain songs share a power to get us moving. Whether it is “Electric Boogie” by Carousel (1983) or “Whistle While you Twerk” (2000) by the Ying Yang Twins, the key to a good dance song is novelty and repetition. There may not be specific formula, but there is definitely a trend. Go for songs that capture the mood of a given setting. If you want to dance at a slow pace, go for some slow 1980’s classics. If you want to twerk (learn what twerking is here) light Nicki Minaj then crank up the Nicki Minaj. We recommend Nick Minaj’s and Big Sean’s classic “Dance A$$”, it is a timeless piece.

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