My life is in dying need oh help, from finances all the way to my kids. This is my blog of discoviers with every issues in life. You may think it is weird to share such personal information, but this is what life is about. We are all constantly trying to make our friends, families, and strangers think that we have it all together. Well we all know that we don’t. This is my attempt to opening up our each and individual realities. No walls. No secrets. Just life.


My name Julie Murphy, and you probably think I am crazy now. As you can tell, I’m no expert in anything in life. I have three kids and a wonderful husband. I am a fully time stay at home mom trying to juggle marriage, kids, and my own personal life. Yes, I have my own life aside from my marriage. My husband and I have a wonderful relationship, but it’s of course not perfect. I have wonderful kids, but let’s be honest, do any of us parents truly know what we are doing? And my personal life.. I’m on a mission to stop taking myself and the common American “issues” not so serious. Welcome to my passionate crazy life!