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A Little About My Family


I’m a stay at home mom raising three children together with my husband. While it hasn’t been a smooth journey for us, we have taken a bold step to make changes in our lifestyle. Our future was at the edge in the past but when we realized that we weren’t living real, things have changed for the better.

My husband and I were in  huge debt that almost left us crippled down financially. We now have taken control over our finances. We work on a shoestring budget, at least, to make sure we never overspend. Overspending and impulse buying were putting a dent on our finances. We hardly could save anything for our future. Our children’s future was also at stake because all the money was going towards meeting unnecessary expenses.

Our three kids were also being accustomed to a life of luxury, something we later realized was going to be a burden to us in the future. Today, we have planned our future and are servicing our mortgage without headache. We don’t deprive ourselves the happiness we need, but we are careful on how we spend the money.

My kids also know that they don’t have to get the most expensive gifts or wear fancy clothing that cost a lot of money. The older son spends more time with my husband doing home improvement projects. For example, when the pantry room needs painting, we don’t need to hire a painter to handle the task. My husband can paint the house because he has learned to be handy.

I keep the home budget low by ensuring that we list down all things we have to buy. It is my responsibility as a stay at home mom to make sure that I don’t overburden my husband with financial responsibilities. While we may not consider ourselves a rich family, at least we are in control over our finances. The debts are minimal, we can save for the future, and our kids are going to school without difficulties in paying fees.

Recently, we bought a used car for our commuting needs, and five years ago, we bought a new home by taking out a mortgage loan. Although we had some difficult times at the beginning in paying for the home loan, we have today worked out things to ensure we cut back on spending and save more to pay for the long term debts.

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Julie Murphy